The platform Microgaming provides customers with dozens of excellent online casinos. However not all gamblers have already managed to appreciate all their advantages. Among en.Casinoz visitors there are people who do not know how to register with Microgaming online casinos.

Especially for them we have prepared instructions with screenshots, explaining in detail all the stages of the registration process. We will not focus on any particular casino and try to make a manual, which can be used while opening an account at any online casino manufactured by Microgaming.

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Necessity to Register with Microgaming Casinos

First of all, you will anyway have to open an account if you are going to gamble sooner or later. Any reliable establishment will neither accept payment nor allow making bets to the unregistered person without a user account.

Games can be tested in training mode without registration at many Microgaming online casinos, but even in such establishments it is often much more convenient to become a full-fledged customer. This will allow you to find your favorite games faster (a section "Selected Games" or something like that), to receive information about current promotions and novelties, to enjoy free bonuses, and to participate in tournaments.

In fact, there are more than enough reasons to register with Microgaming casinos. You should not afraid of this. If you select gambling establishments carefully, this will never put you to any trouble. You will neither receive any spam nor risk that your personal information is sent to third parties.

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Registration Form at Microgaming Casinos

How to Start the Registration Process?

Let's start with the fact that Microgaming online casinos can be offered in web-based versions, which can be run directly in your browser, or in download-based versions, which are installed on the computer. There are also special games on mobile devices.

So, there is no need to open separate accounts for each type of the same casino. It will be necessary to open a single account. Therefore, it does not matter which version you prefer in order to register.

On the other hand, keep in mind that at some Microgaming casinos it is necessary to open separate accounts for cash games and for games with conditional bets. For example, you will probably have to register even to gamble "for fun" in a download-based version of the casino. To be sure, it is much easier and faster to open an account in training mode.

It is not difficult to find the registration form. Any casino released by Microgaming offers links to it that are located in the most affordable places. Moreover, if you do not have an account, you will be repeatedly offered to visit the site.

Registration Form at Microgaming Casinos

How to Fill in the Registration Form?

Let's proceed directly to the data entry to the new player's registration form. All of the items that you have to fill in are understandable and logical. Even if you have to deal with the English-language registration form and English is not your native language, you will likely be able to understand everything.

However it will be even better if you give preference to any Microgaming casino that provides a full translation into your mother tongue. There are a lot of such gambling houses that are available in various languages.

We hope that you have carefully read the user agreement before proceeding to the registration with any casino. This will help you to avoid possible negative surprises in the future.

We also want to warn you in advance that it is necessary to enter valid information about yourself at any online casino. Otherwise, you will probably face problems (for example, while withdrawing money or confirming that the account belongs to you) sooner or later.

While opening an account, you have to enter basic personal information, mention your address, email address, phone number, and so on. As stated above, do not be afraid to share this information with a reputable and trusted online casino manufactured by Microgaming. Any self-respecting facility will not use it for bad purposes.

The registration form also should contain a paragraph about bonuses. If you want to receive them, you should put a tick against the corresponding paragraph.

As soon as you fill in the registration form and send the data, a letter with a link for activation of your account will be sent to the mentioned e-mail address. If you follow this link, you will confirm the intention to become a customer of the casino and "activate" your account. From now on you can enjoy all the offers of the gambling facility.

Depositing at Casinos

Further Actions

Then everything depends on your desires and preferences, as well as the opportunities with which the chosen casino can please its clients. You can receive bonuses, deposit funds immediately, gamble, challenge other users in tournaments, and so on. Bear in mind that your every move must be well thought out.

Our articles available on the website en.Casinoz will help you to deal with all the nuances of casino games. You will find reviews of Microgaming casinos. Tips and recommendations are provided in the section with the strategies. Novelties from different manufacturers, including Microgaming, are discussed in reviews of games.

Stay tuned and we will tell you a lot of interesting and useful.